Filipino Style Ham Recipe - Best Pinoy Food

Christmas is more complete with Ham..Filipinos favorite food this Holiday Season. Best food to prepare during Nuche Buena. 

3 kilos pigue or pig’s leg without the bones and with the skin and fat intact
9 tbsps sugar
8 tbsps salt
1 ½  tsps vetsin
2 tsps prague powder or salitre powder
How to prepare the ham
1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
2. Rub the seasonings or mixed dry ingredients well into the meat. Set aside the seasoned meat in a glass bowl. Cover and refrigerate for one day.
3. Tie the ham tightly into a ball with string preferably cotton crochet string. Remove and drain the meat juices that were left in the glass bowl and set aside for injecting.
4. Using a large syringe enough to fit the meat juices, inject the flavored meat juice all around the ham in small doses.
5. Set the ham aside in a covered glass bowl inside the refrigerator. Repeat the injecting process daily until no juice is left.
6. Keep the ham inside a plastic bag in the freezer for a month or more.

How to cook the ham
1. Add enough pineapple juice to cover the ham at about 3/4’s level or not quite to the top of the ham.
2. Add brown sugar, just enough to sweeten the pineapple juice mixture, bay leaves and crushed garlic.
3. Cook the mixture in a teflon-type, heavy pot over a low fire until the meat becomes tender. Watch out that the meat doesn’t get burned. You can prevent overbrowning by turning the meat from time to time.
4. Cool the meat and slice into pieces.


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